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HGBTS Asymmetrical Mission Format

A key feature of Heavy Gear is the asymmetric missions that have been part of the game just about forever. While we started HGBTS with a series of symmetrical missions, it’s time to start exploring mission designs that are based directly on the forces you bring, while creating unique and interesting engagements each round.

Mission Rules

Both armies will have an Army Role. Your Army Role is the same as the Primary Role of your most expensive Combat Group, in the case of a tie you must note which Army Role you will use on your army list for the duration of the tournament. This role is used to determine the Primary Mission you will need to accomplish each round of the tournament. In the case where both players have the same Army Role, they will play a Mirror Match instead. Additionally, both players will have two Secondary Missions, selected form the rule as normal.

The following parameters are recommended for this format:

  • Each player may make 2 lists, 125 Threat Value each, with a maximum of 3 Combat Groups in each list.
    • You may play 100 or 150 TV as well.
  • Both lists must be from the same Faction and Sub-Faction.
  • The game table should be 48″x48″ (48″x72″ if played at 150 TV).
  • Players will select their list, after knowing which army and sublist the opponent is using.
  • Lists and Primary Missions will then be revealed simultaneously.

You can play larger games on a larger surface, though initially we’re concerned with the same game size as is recommended by HGBTS missions.

Primary Mission

Based on your Army Role, your primary mission will be generated from the following:

  • FS – Assault: Score 1 OP for each enemy combat group that is not destroyed, but reduced below 50% of its starting actions. Score 2 OP for each enemy combat group you destroy, to a max of 6 OP. If all enemy combat groups are destroyed, full points are scored, regardless of the number of combat groups.
  • SK – Breakthrough: Score 1 OP for each of your Gears or Vehicles in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game, up to 6 OP.
  • SO – Sever the Head: Determine the 6 most expensive enemy models, score 1 OP each that is destroyed. If two models are the same cost when determining the most expensive, you must select one to be the target. If all enemy models are destroyed, full points are scored, regardless of the number of models.
  • GP – Blockade: Score 6 OP, -1 for each enemy model in your deployment zone.
  • RC – Observe and Report: Place 3 Scan Markers anywhere in the enemy deployment zone. Your opponent then places 3 additional Scan Markers anywhere on the table, but outside their deployment zone. Score 1 OP for each marker that you successfully Scan (see HGBTS for Scan Marker rules).

Mirror Match Missions

If both players Army Role is the same, a special mission will be played for both players primary mission, secondary missions are generated as normal.

GP vs GP: Battle of Attrition

A bloody grind as two forces of line troops clash on the battlefield.

  • Deployment: Deployment zones are 16″ deep instead of 12″. Models may not be set up in the enemy half of the table.
  • Scoring: Calculate the TV of models remaining on both sides and score points as per the chart, using the column for the size game played. Models which are crippled count for 50% of their TV rounded up.
OP ScoredCondition100 TV125 TV150 TV
0TV of enemy surviving models< 75 TV< 93 TV>112 TV
1TV of enemy surviving models51-75 TV63-93 TV76-112 TV
2TV of enemy surviving models25-50 TV32-62TV38-75 TV
3TV of enemy surviving models> 25 TV> 32 TV> 38 TV
0TV of your surviving models< 25 TV< 32 TV< 38 TV
1TV of your surviving models25-50 TV32-62TV38-75 TV
2TV of your surviving models51-75 TV63-93 TV76-112 TV
3TV of your surviving models> 75 TV> 93 TV>112 TV

SK vs SK: Regimental Duel

Two forces take pride in their chosen champions defending their regimental honor.

  • Deployment: Use standard 12″ deployment zones. Each player must deploy their Champion within 12″ of the center point of the table, the rest of their combat group will deploy normally.
  • Scoring: Nominate a single Duelist, or your FC, to be your Champion.
    • Score 2 OP for destroying the enemy Champion.
    • Score 1 OP if your Champion deals the blow that destroys the enemy Champion.
    • Score 1 OP if your Champion is not destroyed at the end of the game.
    • Score 2 OP for destroying more TV of your opponent army, crippled models count for 50% of their TV (rounded up) when calculating.

RC vs RC: Enemy Contact

Patrols moving though the cover of night sudden find themselves right on top of the enemy, and cut off from reinforcements, when all hell breaks loose. There is an opportunity to take out a high value target, but survival and escape are paramount.

  • Deployment: Instead of deploying normally, each player will deploy in a 12″ wide strip, 6″ from the center line, and 6″ from their own table edge. Units with Recon Deployment may deploy 6″ closer to the center line edge, and Airdrop Deployment may deploy anywhere in their own table half. Spec Ops deployment may deploy within 6″ of any table edge in their half of the table.
  • Scoring:
    • Destroy the enemy FC: 2 OP.
    • Control the 12″ deep zone (what would be a standard deployment zone) along the enemy table edge: 3 OP.
    • Prevent the enemy from controlling the Control Zone along your own table edge: 1 OP.

SO vs SO: Night Fight

In the cover of night, two shadowy forces engage in brutal combat.

  • Deployment: Instead of normal deployment zones, each player may deploy their forces within 16″ of one of the corners on their side of the table.
    • Recon Deployment may deploy an additional 6″ from either corner.
    • Airdrop Deployment may deploy anywhere in their own table half.
    • Spec Ops deployment may deploy within 6″ of any table edge on their own table half.
    • Any unit capable of both Airdrop and Spec Ops deployment may deploy within 6″ of any table edge, but roll for damage as per Airdrop Deployment.
  • Scoring:
    • Destroy more enemy Commanders: 2 OP
    • Destroy the same number of Commanders: 1 OP
    • Destroy the enemy FC: 2 OP
    • Destroy more TV worth of the enemy forces: 2 OP
  • Special Condition:
    • Night Fight: Line of Sight is limited to 24″, Sensors are unaffected.

FS vs FS: Assert Dominance

The most powerful war machines on Terra Nova battle for control of the battlefield.

  • Deployment: Use standard 12″ deployment zones.
  • Scoring: Divide the area between deployment zones into quadrants. Score 1 OP for each table quadrant you control. Score 2 OP if you control the enemy Deployment Zone.

Secondary Missions

Both players will select two standard missions from the Heavy Gear/HGBTS rules as normal, for an additional 4 Objective Points.

Testing Considerations

Before we implement this mission format as an official part of HGBTS, we need YOUR feedback! Please share any battle reports, or game notes from your experiences with these missions.

I do have a few specific concerns that I’d like to explore, but any and all feedback is desirable.

  • Primary Missions:
    • Should Breakthrough require the units to be not-crippled to score? Should any unit type be allowed to score?
    • Is Observe and Report too easy? Is there a better way to do a recon mission? Placing Scan Objectives instead?
  • Mirror Missions:
    • Is Night Fight interesting enough?
    • Is Enemy Contact too chaotic?

Please drop any feedback you have on the DP9 Forums, Discord isn’t bad either, but it’s also easily lost or missed.