Heavy Gear: Unboxing the HHT-90 Overlord


Hey guys, today we have a special guest article from Pskontz. Partially due to my influence, he hopped on board the Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter, and has been extremely enthusiastic to start his CEF forces. I’m still waiting to receive my pledge reward from the Kickstarter before I get in over my head posting about it, but that hasn’t stopped his excitement. Without further adieu, here’s his adventure unboxing his HHT-90 Overlord, the single largest model in all of Heavy Gear.


Hello one and all. A long time 40k player who has jumped in feet first into heavy gear blitz a 12mm giant stompy robot gears wargame. Climbing aboard the recent successful kickstarter I invested time to learn as much as I could. I fell in love with the Northern armies, but as a former paratrooper I have a soft spot for airborne gears and tanks (I have seen the effects of a M551 Sheridan landing with a parachute failure), but that all led me naturally to the CEF forces as well. And how can a tread-head hover-head resist the HTT-90 Overlord tank.


Finally the all resin tank arrived, with the eagerness of my 6 year old on her birthday I took laid out my new toy. The first thing to jump out at me was the size. For a 12 mm scale game this tank has almost the same footprint of a 40k Rhino and that’s before building it. That is huge.

hht-90-size hht-90-size-2

The second thing that caught my eye was the quality of the cast. Being resin there is always question to quality but this particular model looked great. There was a slight bend in a barrel and one hole had a small chunk of resin clogging it up. A little bit of stuff to be scraped out here and there but that is to be expected.


After cleaning the pieces and scrapping off the little that needed it I was able to test fit the majority of the model. Immediately I was struck by how possible this monstrosity was. The 9 guns are all made to be snap fit so you can be moveable. A great idea but not all felt like they would stay. And since I got 3 kids and a dog running around I think for my own sanity I will be gluing them in place. It has 9 hover engines that again are posable, they are not designed to be snapfit so they will been to be glued, but they are posable. If that is not enough the base is also possible, however its only front and back tilting so it can’t go left and right, but you can do a cool taking off or landing type pose.


Other cool features is the transport capacity there is benches for 40, and the rear hatch can be put on closed or open. There is also 2 turrets that you are allowed to make it hull down or to have a Grel tank crewman looking around.


I haven’t been this excited for a long time. If you desire you can get the rules for free they are in Beta and they are looking for a small update soon but definitely a different game than 40k.


I look forward to more articles from Pskontz, maybe we can get him to write some more articles about his growing CEF force in the future!