Battle ReportHeavy Gear

Mission 1 «Prologue» – CEF’s forces raid Northern AA Emplacements 

By Alex (darksoldier33)

This is batrep of a first mission from our narrative campaign of CEF vs North, for more info about campaign you can check that article: 


Before the main drop-pod assault of CEF forces commenced, small squads were sent to destroy North AA gun emplacements closest to the dropzone. Under cover of the chaos of a massive space battle on orbit, a small unit of stealth dropships manage to pass orbital defenses and land troops on the ground. Under cover of the night those troops got as close as possible to the AA Gun and started an assault. WFPA forces knew that the AA gun would be the first target of priority, and sent all available reinforcements to them. But CEF’s troops arrived faster…

So, in gameplay is represented by the next rule:

If a CEF player didn’t destroy AA turrets in this mission, in the next mission, the main Drop Assault CEF forces will be shot by AA before they land. Practically it means that for every CEF CG arriving by Airdrop deployment the North player rolls a 2D6 (one for each surviving AA cannon) and on each 3+ the Combat Group suffer 3 damage randomly assigned between the models. If CEF destroys only one AA turret it becomes 1 D6.

Campaign Maps 

  • CEF objective – Destroy two AA towers
  • WFPA objective – Secure two AA towers




Due to narrative I have deployed 3th Gear Squadron inside of an AA Emplacement and 7th squadron near the edge of the map, representing what they are coming to aid from other positions outside of the map. 

CEF Light tank squadron was deployed safely at the far edge of the table representing their getting into positions via ground (if they tried to airdrop closely and more aggressively they could get AA fired). For that mission only I gave Frame squad an SO special deployment (without limitation of being in a formation) from any table edge, except Northern, representing excellent communications and tactical maneuvering of the CEF forces.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before first activation

First Turn 

CEF got the initiative (which is I think a lore accurate) and activated their Frame Interdiction squad, Executive commander had given an LTHI order and they entered the AA emplacement guns blazing.

First F 6-16 Recon frame has walked in, fired at Hunter, managing only to cause 2 damage, and walked back behind the wall. I have been given a Smoke Up reaction order by my Exc Com expecting to focus fire on that Hunter. 

Activating after that the duelist BF 2-21 walked to a fire position and unleashed all of his marksman duelists shenanigans, overkilling Hunter and his pilot, poor guy didn’t even know that hit him. 

Other BF2-21 jumped top speed to the AA, trying to set an explosive charge but whiffs and only inflicted 1 damage. Anti tank F6-16 fired on the move at the Assault Tiger and get an 2 damage and a haywire token on him. 

In a retaliation WFPA has activated 3rd Gear Squadron.

LTHI order was issued by the Tiger Sabertooth and Assault tiger has moved to a position to show the CEF supremacy of the MSC in close range. He shot at BF 2-21, getting him down to 2 hull points remaining. After that Tiger Sabertooth activated and finished the job by his MRP knocking off the first CEF Frame. The sniper squad in a bunker manages to inflict 1 point of damage to a BF 2-21 Duelist. 

Seeing the Frames squad bogged down and taking losses, Light Hovertank Squadron rushed in the AA emplacement perimeter with LTHI order given by the CGL. 

First the Assault LHT 71 got into, firing at the Assault tiger with his MRL and dual Frag cannons inflicting 2 damages. Next the command LHT 71 jumped on a bunker and fired at crippled Assault Tiger. Even with a Try Again order on a defense roll by a Wesel, combined shooting from two LHT knocked out the Assault Tiger (I should have given that order by a Tiger Sabertooth, but doesn’t want to risk two dice at 4+). Other LHT 71 shot LABM into the infantry in a bunker with no effect and an MPA’s into AA turret but somehow missed.  Lucky six on a defense roll.

7th Gear Squad activated last and rushed to aid the overwhelmed positions of their comrades. Seeing a risky opportunity to shoot at Duelist BF 2-21 and potentially knocking him out, but leaving my 7th Gear Squad in almost in the open field. I decided to go for it, otherwise BF 2-21 is gonna just nuke all of my paper-thinned armor 7th Gear squadron. My idea was simple: concentrate all Squad firepower to knock him out. Firstly Weasel drove top speed by the road, successfully Hacking the BF2 -21 by MoS of zero, starting the whole plan. Next the UC Wildcat on a top speed move fired his Frag cannon at him, inflicting 1 damage due to Shield and Field Armor. Then the Assault Wildcat repeated the trick with the Snub Cannon, rolled 5 and 6! First defense roll of the Duelist’s  BF was a shocking 1, but after the Shield re-roll it became a 5, so BF 2 21 lived by 1 HP remaining thanks to Field Armor!. The Assault Hunter was deployed too far back and couldn’t reach it (I have figured it out with the help of sensor range of the firstly activated gears) so it comes down to a Wildfire Hunter and his MAC, cause he was a little bit closer to BF 2-21. So again, top speed, guns blazing on the move aaaaand lucky hit! Thanks to  Ol’Trusty the most dangerous Frame is down in flames! 

Next the Assault Hunter tried his luck shooting at Anti Tank BF and 5 and 6 on an attack dice roll! 3 damage dealt to an Earth invader. Snub Cannons seems just too fun to not to play them, and its narrative accurate for North to use them, heh 

Topshot of end of the turn

Turn 2

CEF won the initiative and proceeded with an LHT Squad activation. Yep, that risky kill of a BF 2-21 will cost me some casualties at 7th Gear Squad. Squad Commander’s LHT 71 top speeded hovered onto the roof of the other bunker (those jump jets men, nowhere to hide,hah) and with a LTHI order shot at the UC Wildcat (of course its makes more sense to shoot at Assault Wildcat, but my Father had realized it only after activation of his combat group, so narratively we can refer it to the pure chaos of fire contact, in which hard to identify class of a gear )  

The Particle Accelerator projectile just melts through the thin armor of a Wildcat, over-killing it. War of the Alliance stuff over here!

LHT also shot the LABM at the bunched up light Gears but misses everyone thanks to the ECM+ on Weasel and Try Again re-rolls.

Next to Activate is an Assault LHT 71, he advances deeper into AA emplacement and shoots at Tiger Sabertooth for 2 damage.

LHT 71 focus fired his MPA into AA turret for just 1 damage. 

So, given CEF’s tanks had activated, my only threat left is two F6-16, dangerously close to my snub cannons( dangerously for F6-16s of course. After the game my Father told me, that he didn’t suspect the 7th Gear to be THAT mobile and «in the face» kinda aggression)

I have activated my 7th Gear, giving an LTHI order and

moving out my Weasel in an attempt to Hack an commander’s F6-16. But whiffs.  So next one was Assault Wildcat top speeded, shot in the middle of the movement at the F6-16, crippling it and moved back at cover.

That has been repeated with an Assault Hunter and second Frame knocked out. 

The last remaining Wildfire Hunter tries a risky lucky shot, moving only once, shooting at F6-16 Antitank, Father declared a Reaction shot aaaand once again Ol’Trusty does the job! BUT reaction fired LPA scored an amazing hit on the Hunter, (1 1 2 on the defense roll!)

dealing 5 damage, it’s all going down to a Haywire damage roll and thankfully it is a 3, lucky Hunter’s Pilot lives to fight another day, for now at least.

Almost Wild West style Duel between F6-16 and Wildfire Hunter near smoke from a wreckage of a blown-up UC Wildcat. Some narrative forged up here!

After that my 7th Gear (or the remnants of the 7th Gear) has activated: sniper Infantry shot at LHT-no result Tiger Sabertooth had maneuvered out of an AA emplacement, closer to 7th Gear Squad, shooting a Light Panzerfaust at LHT 71 at the bunker roof, but whiffs. 

At the end of turn 2, we remembered about non-activated 7th Gear only after the photo was taken and forgot to re-take it after it 🙁

Turn 3

Once again roll for tanks to arrive, and now Im really in a big need for them and once again a 2 is rolled. CEF commandos must be doing a great job behind the lines!

So rolling for initiative, maybe this could save me, especially after CEF Exc is dead, rolling initiative is won by CEF! (CEF tactical superiority proven once again) Now I’m in big trouble!

LHT squad activates, command LHT 71 getting a LTHI order to a squad, then LHT-71 is zipping past my gears right into their back arc, and yep, he is going for a Weasel kill. Medium Particle Accelerator shot from the back, no cover except ECM, that might be the end of my Force Commander! Dice are rolled, 6 damage dealt and that should be one more overkill but Field Armor comes to rescue! Always worthy stuff to have on a light commander’s gears! 1 HP remains. 

LABM trying to finish the business, 4 is rolled on an attack dice, 4 on the defense, no Agile for an old Gear, Try Again order on himself and a 5 is rolled! Death escaped by a Weasel. Assault LHT 71 moving to a corner of AA emplacement getting a point-blank shot into Assault Wildcat-once again Assault LHT just brutal to light armored gears in close range-one more WFP Gear knocked out.

Well that’s two LHT activated and Im still have some gears remaining, not so bad. 

The last LHT activating focus fire MPA into AA gun- AA gun exploded! Getting half of the objective for CEF! 

Taken a beating and encircled by the enemy tanks 7th and 3th Gears Squadrons keeps fighting on

So now my two Gears Squadron activates once after another, and I need to protect those AA guns, so I’m focusing fire and that assault LHT 71 which is closest to a snub cannon and an AA gun may be the right call.  Firstly the Tiger Sabertooth gets an LTHI order and takes a shot at the Assault LHT 71  hits 2 damage done, not bad. After that tiger is moving closer to the entrance to  the AA emplacements 

Next 7th Gear activating, LTHI order is successful, Assault Hunter moving into position to shoot Assault LHT 71, shots fired 1 damage left on that tank!

And at this moment I remembered that Weasel has a gun too! Last chance to get that tank, dice rolled and DOUBLE SIXES is rolled! (who needs that Ol’Trusty anyways) defense roll going in and a 1! No CP left to Try again order and finally LHT is knocked out! After that Weasel is retreating behind the closest Bunker. Even without ECM+ he is still In the game!

CEF tank just before getting picked off by a LAC shot from a Commander on last HP! And the dice roll of result near him

Topshot of the end of the turn 3

Turn 4

Still trying to get those Tanks out and I rolled a 1. Who needs a 43 TV value squad anyways? 

And CEF wins the initiative again! 

Alright last remaining LHT 71 moving out to the AA Emplacement, getting lined up on the Assault Hunter-but whiffs with his MPA! LABM is flying into Wildfire Hunter with the last HP-scores a hit and down goes another WFP Gear. 

Last LHT 71 scores 2 damage hit on a AA gun with his focused MPA. 

So, on my turn things are simple-get rid off at least a one LHT 71-minimizing the shots fired at the AA guns. 

 So 7th Gear activating, LTHI order is issued- for a target a have chosen the closest command LHT 71, he was the closest to the Snub Cannon to possibly finish him off. Rifle shot fired-hits the mark and two damage done. I can get it for a start. 

Assault Hunter Activates-moves out of cover and takes a shot at enemy tank-misses-vet SP Re-Roll- 2 5 and a 6! Defense roll-and that’s a double one again! CEF tanks are knocked out! Hunter proceeds to move closer to a AA emplacement. We forgot to take a topshot photo at the end of turn 4 unfortunately.

Turn 5 

I rolled the dice for the tanks and once again I totally whiffed! (But it’s just so cool for the narrative part- 3th and 7th Gear Squadrons sustained heavy losses, Commander is probably wounded, armored reinforcements probably have bogged down in the mood or simply destroyed, but the Northguard keep the pressure on, even if there is no chance to win. At least they are going to make that win a very costly one to CEF. Alright, back to gaming) 

But I have finally won the Initiative! Still better later, than never.

At this point one last thing I could do is just move the Sabertooth to take a shot at LHT 71,which threatened my AA Emplacement, then move him back into cover, so I did exactly that. Dealt 2 damage to the LHT 71 (only now I have realized that I could have walked the Assault Hunter in the back arc of an LHT 71 but I missed that opportunity so that’s what happens)  The Assault hunter whiffs at shooting at LHT71 from the front.

After that LHT 71 activates and focus fires the AA gun for the QUAD SIXES!

But even after that where one last HP is left on the AA gun so it all gets down to a one Haywire 4+ damage roll aaand HERE IT IS!

AA gun is knocked out!

Win for the CEF! 

The last remaining CEF Hovertank is escaping before the arrival of the Tank Squadron.

Topshot of the end of the Turn 5

After Mission Logistics

As we played the Campaign, after the battle we rolled on condition of the Gear, Tanks and Pilots after the battle. And for some upgrades for those who get enough XP for them. We have got the next results:

For the faith of the non-arrived tank squadron we have decided to roll out an improvised table of what happened to them. In conclusion the dice told the story that Tank Squadron, on their way to the rescue gets to the CEF commando’s ambush! They didn’t take any losses or damage though, but were delayed nonetheless.

If u interested in those narrative campaign home-maid rules and text narrative we are play-testing right now, text in the comments below, I will make an English version of them ☺