Battle ReportHeavy Gear

 Eagle’s Claws – Heavy Gear Blitz Campaign

By Alex (darksoldier33)

Forces of the Campaign

Colonial Expeditionary Forces – 131th Strike Company of the Army of  8th Invasion fleet

Special rules for CEF campaign units:

  • Due to intensive training in electronic warfare all members of a company considering have free  EW specialists upgrade.
  • Due to intensive combat training of commanders each commander considers having a free Vet upgrade.

Command hovercar squad (command hovercars can join any squadron before mission or be a squadron on they own)

Gear grinder roster: 42TV

Heavy spearhead hovertank squad

Gear grinder roster: 85TV

Light hovertank squadron

Gear grinder roster: 65 TV

Frame Interdiction squad 

Gear grinder roster: 66TV

Combined infantry platoon

Gear grinder roster: 25TV

Forces of the North – Combined NorthGuard Defense Army

WFP 67th Gear Regiment

7th Gear squadron

Gear Grinder roster: 50TV

3th Gear squadron 

Gear Grinder roster: 40TV

1st tank squadron 7th Tank Regiment: 

Gear Grinder roster: 45TV

3th Dragoon Gear squadron 

Gear Grinder roster: 65TV 

2nd artillery section support 

Gear Grinder roster: 16TV

UMF 88th Airborne gear regiment 10thinf. Regiment

5th Airborne Gear squadron 

Gear Grinder roster: 55TV

10th Inf. Regiment

4th Paratrooper inf.Platoon 

Gear Grinder roster: 22TV

Positions of Forces

Having studied the mistakes of the first failed attack on Terra Nova, the CEF command plans to concentrate the entire power of its shock army in a blitzkrieg on the capitals of the North and South, capture and fortify them in the hope of further surrender of the armies of the North and South.

8th Invasion Fleet Battle Plan

The 8th invasion fleet must breach Terra Nova’s orbital defenses for dropships with strike armies.

Dropships must land on the positions to attack the cities, closest to the capitals of the North and South, for their further assault and preparation for the siege of the capitals.

Map of Terra Nova

The actions of our campaign take place as part of the advancement of the 1st Army of the 8th Invasion Fleet. Namely, the 131st Company of the 6th Army.

6th Invasion army battle plan

The task of the 1st Invading Army is to land in the marked zone, form a bridgehead and further storm the city of Exeter. After taking Exeter, advance to lay siege to the city of Lyonesse. If successful, the North risks losing the support of one of its richest and most powerful Leagues.

Lyoness City Map
Building A

Campaign Missions

Mission 1 «Prologue» – CEF’s forces raid Northern AA Emplacements 

  • CEF Forces:
    • Frame interdiction Squadron 
    • Light hovertank Squadron
  • North Forces (WFP)
    • 7th Gear squadron
    • 3rd Gear squadron
      • 1st tank squadron of the 7th Tank Regiment (arriving from reserve)
Squadrons dispositions
  • CEF Objectives
    • Kill / damage commanders – If successful, then they may not appear in the next mission. After damaging the commander’s mech, you can finish off the pilot by getting into base contact with the mech and spending 1 action.
    • Sabotage 2 AA Emplacements – The profile of the AA Emplacements is the same as the Rotary Turret, but it cannot fire. If one was destroyed, then instead of all, only half of the groups, rounding down, are being «shot on landing» at mission 2
    • Extraction – After destroying EE Emplacements CEF units must run off VIA short edge of the map, opposite to North short table edge.
  • CEF Bonuses: All CEF Gears are considered to be equipped with free LSEs
  • WFP Objectives
    • Protect commanders
    • Protect AA Gun Emplacements
  • WFP Bonuses: Starting on turn 2 on 5+, then 4+, reinforcements arrive from the North short edge of the table. 
  • Deployment
    • North – One North Gear squadron deploys within 12” of the center of AA Emplacements Outpost, other Gear squadron deploys within 12’ from short table edge.
    • CEF – Hovertanks can be deployed within 6 inches from the CEF short table edge.
    • Excellent maneuvers – Gears can deploy within 6 inches from short or long table edges.

Mission 2 «T-minus 5 minutes to drop» Main Drop Assault

Mission 2 special rule: 

  • Shot on landing: After rolls for the Airdrop deployment North player roll a 2D6 for each CEF combat group arriving VIA airdrop. On a roll of 3+ 3 randomly allocated damage to that combat group.
  • Also gains free 2 airstrike tokens of any type.

Mission 3 «Desperate stroke» Counterattack of the beaten up Northguard 

After missions 3 Combat Groups are resupplied with fresh Pilots and Gears/tanks 

Mission 4 «All hell let loose» Meeting engagement of two maxed out armies at the field 

After missions 3 Combat Groups are resupplied with fresh Pilots and Gears/tanks 

Mission 5 in progress

Mission 6 in progress (Black Talons army joins the North army) 

Mission 7 Battle for Exeter 

Morale mechanic will be added 

Moral CEF-1

Moral North +1

Missions 8 «Final Highrise» Battle for Building A


Mission 1 «Prologue»