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Mission 008: Flying High with VTOLs

Well, we all know how hard it’s been over the last few months to get in games of anything, period, so let’s take a more relaxed approach! Lumbering Sprocket missions are moving to a Quarterly cadence, so you’ll have till the end of March for this one!

2022Q1 is going to be all about leveraging VTOLs! Every faction has access to VTOLs (with the current exception of Eden, I believe, sorry Eden players) so grab that cyclic and get goin!

If you want to know more about VTOLs, That’s written a primer here:

Note that you may want to change up your table setup to include some terrain change to both support and defend against VTOLs! Make sure to think about AA and Flak weapons as well!

The Mission

Given the current situation around the world, it’s hard to hold in person tournaments, so we’ll try to simulate the tournament process by doing the following:

  1. Find a willing opponent!
  2. Build a list with VTOLs!
  3. Play a game, please take pictures!
  4. Write up a quick battle report with the results (please include picture, and share it with [email protected]!

Please use the above battle report template and share it with [email protected], it makes the uploading process and managing pictures much easier! You don’t have to annotate the pictures, but they’re very important for context. It’s important to get a feel for table layout, terrain density, average engagement range, that sort of thing.

Rules and Prizes

  • You have till the end of March, 2022 to submit a battle report which includes:
    • A few pictures of your table
    • Army lists, preferably with the Gear Grinder link
    • An estimate of how long your game took
    • What objectives you chose!
    • Final score and remaining TV (what was left alive)
  • Please share the Google Doc you generate with [email protected]!
  • As part of your submission, please send the email you used for the DP9 store so we can get you store credit!
  • Your first ever submission to Lumbering Sprocket will get you 5 points of store credit on store.dp9.com! If you submitted previously, you’re sadly not eligible for this, but you ARE eligible for the random drawing!
  • We’ll randomly select a winner from the list of participants to get 20 additional points of credit! Sorry, no repeat winners.

Since we’re looking to evaluate mission balance, we need to ensure as consistent a play experience from our play tests as possible. Please try to keep house rules to a minimum, especially if they have large effects on gameplay. If you want some guidance on terrain, have a look here:

Note that you don’t have to do one this detailed! We’re really interested in:

  • General flow of the game
  • Any balance issues you find
  • Any mistakes/clarity improvements

That’s it! Happy gaming!