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Test Game – Kayuna versus Sail

Here’s a battle report from Kayuna 2000 versus Sail, played on TTS. The original battle report was written in Kayuna’s native Japanese, so please forgive any errors in the text, they’re entirely the fault of the translation software used.

If you’d like the full length report in Japanese, here are the links below. It’s long, so Kayuna separated it into 3 parts:

Kayuna put a lot of effort into annotating all the photos as well, so hopefully that helps you follow the game. This is just one test game among many.

MILICIA (Kayuna)

150TV(List ver feb28th)

MILICIA garrison

■CG1  20TV
PR:GP(Fresh Meat)
 03 Recon Squad+team-1<CGL>
 03 Anti-Tank Squad 5+conscript-1+team-1
 03 Anti-Tank Squad 5+conscript-1+team-1
 04 Field Gun 4+conscript-1
 03 Field Gun 4+conscript-1
 05 Machine Gun Bunker

■CG2  20TV
PR:GP(Fresh Meat)
 03 Recon Squad+team-1<CGL>
 03 Anti-Tank Squad 5+conscript-1+team-1
 03 Anti-Tank Squad 5+conscript-1+team-1
 03 Field Gun 4+conscript-1
 03 Field Gun 4+conscript-1
 05 Machine Gun Bunker

■CG3 62TV
 25 Artillery Naga 20+vet2(Veteran Leaders)+co3<CO>
 20Artillery Naga 20
   09 Silverscale 9+conscript-1+smorke(1/2)1
   08 Silverscale 9+conscript-1+smorke(2/2)0

■CG4 48TV
 07 Copperhead 6+Arena Pilot1
 07 Copperhead 6+Arena Pilot1
 07 Striking Copperhead 6+Arena Pilot1
 07 Striking Copperhead 6+Arena Pilot1
 20  Recon Hun 20 3recondrones  (CGL)

CEF (Sail)

CEFLF - CEF Line Formation

CG 25
GP 23
Command FLAIL Squad 6
GREL Squad 5
GREL Hoverbike Squad 6
GREL Hoverbike Squad 6

Trench (6" X 1") 2

CG 74
SK 52
BF2-19 Support 15+1(JP)+2(Vet)=18
BF2-19 Support 15+1(JP)+2(Vet)=18
LHT-67 15+1(ANN)=16

RC 22
HC-3 14+2(Vet)+1(EWSP)+3(CO)+1(FA)+1(Smoke)=22(CO)

CG 51
SK 32
LHT-67 Assault 15+1(ANN)=16
LHT-67 Assault 15+1(ANN)=16

RC 19
HC-3 14+2(Vet)+1(EWSP)+1(FA)+1(Smoke)=19(CGL)

  •  Both sides use Fort and stare at each other’s holds.
  •  The enemy’s main frame and hover troops will carefully hide behind rocks and forests.
  •  Our main force also protects itself in the shadows of buildings.

Round 1

Kayuna R1-A1

  • Activated Bunker1. Enemy CO’s hover cars use smoke screen in order.
  • Fire mission to bombard the trenches. First Recon team orders Coordinated Attack against the trenches. Next, they declare FO for the fire mission. First Recon team’s FO fails. No problem. The ground gion fails to FO the bunker using the comms of the recon team. Strange. The AT team has no choice but to borrow the Comms again and do a third Fo, which succeeds. Finally.
  • Two field guns and one AT team receive BRace tokens and do a fire mission to the trenches. The trench has no cover available and is a 1D evasion. This is a 3D attack. However, their evasion was good and they only took 3 damage.
  • My mistake was that I didn’t realize that the roof rule had been removed (now trenches are treated the same as building). I didn’t notice that the rules for roofs had been removed (trenches are now treated the same as building), and I found out that the soldiers inside cannot be attacked by indirection AE. This was unexpected.
  • I can move on without rewinding.

Sail R1-A2

  1. The combat frame unit with the CO is activated.
  2. At first, the enemy Hovercar CO hacks our Naga CO, but we avoid it with Silver Scale 1’s Firewall. We were outnumbered in dice but won the counter decision and no one was damaged.
  3. LHT67 equipped with MPA sniped Naga CO protected by cover and ECM with focus MPA but avoided it. Sail gave up aiming at Naga CO and changed his strategy.
  4. 19 Frame 1 climbs up to the water tank with a top speed boost move. The striking Copperhead is overkilled before he can act by the MLC’s attack using the height. Since this was predictable, he chose to retaliate, but since he was at top speed, it was easily avoided.
  5. 19 Frame 2 attacks the already attacked Field Gun at top speed with MLC. Naturally, it was overkill.

Kayuna R1-A3

  • Activated Naga Co’s troops.
  • I want to hide my opponent’s unactivated hover tank troops, so I leave the fighting troops behind. (That way, my opponent will come forward.)
  • The action is over, but I decide to destroy the combat frame.
  • Use the Silver Scales to hack at the 19 Frame 1 on top of the water tank. It succeeds and takes Haywire and 1 damage.
  • Two Nagas direct attack LFG with LTHI order. 1st attack misses, decide to put in Coordinated Attack Order before 2nd attack. 3rd FG destroys it, 4th attack is left over, so I borrow the sensor range of the Silverscales to the CO stage for full cover. In-direct attack. There were no lucky hits.

Sail R1-A4

  • Activation of LHT67 troops. 
  • Hovercar CGL successfully hacks and haywires to Recon Hun CGL. No damage was done. Recon Hun CGL deploys smoke on order.
  • Hovercar hacks Striking Copperhead a second time, but Rickonfung CGL completely prevents it with a firewall. This is an option I was able to make since the Reconfun ECCM does not have an aux.
  • LHT1 came to the top of the tent at TOP speed and attacked the Striking Copperhead, taking 5 damage with MRL and MFC but surviving the attack. It was predictable that it would be destroyed, so it declared retaliation with LBZ. Retaliation is done before damage is taken, so it was 2D6, and the opponent was defending at 4D6, but the attack hit and dealt 1 damage.
  • LHT2 advanced at top speed between the shadows of the buildings and attacked Copperhead. LHT2 retreated back a bit.
  • We both still have some CG left, but time is running out today.
  • I have a Copperhead team with HMG Bunker 2 and Recon Hun.
  • Sail has a trench and an infantry unit left.
  • Next up is my HMG bunker team, hoping to destroy the LHT on the tent.

Kayuna R1-A5

  • Finished by advancing the ReconHun to the side of the building with no action.  
  • Moved one of the drones out of control to FO behind the LHT on top of the tent, but failed.  
  • Use the remaining drone to FO using ReconHun’s Comms. Bunker team fire mission, choose Brace, AVM for 1 damage, FG to finish them off. 

Sail R1-A6

  • Launch Jet Bike forward and use Indirect IGL to attack the field gun that is Brace.
  • The bunker takes 2 damage. One of the field guns in the forest will be destroyed and cover will be disabled by Blast. Then hide behind the container.
  • he rest of the jetbikes will come forward and attack the field gun in the other bunker from behind for overkill.   

Kayuna R1-A7

  • The HMG bunker and the recon team that didn’t participate in the fire mission attacked the hoverbike.
  • The HMG was evaded, but the LIW did 2 damage to the bike.

Round 2

Both sides rerolled their initiative and kayuna took the lead.

Kayuna R2-A1

  • I put ReconHun in front of me at top speed, and foe two LHTs behind the building, but I was jammed by a hovercar CO.
  • Smoke is deployed in the remaining action.  
  • Two non-innated ReconDrone FO’s the same target from behind, the first is destroyed by the LHT team’s LHT67 MFC in retaliation, the second recon drone FO’s from about the same position but is Jammed by the Hovercar CO using the second action.
  • The second recondorone Foes from about the same position, but the hovercar Co uses the second action to Jammed.  
  • Copper 1 approaches FLAIL at top speed, APGL avoided.  
  • Copper 2 ”Melee”attacks LHT team LHT67 at top speed. Vehicle’s weakness is being melee from behind arc. Vehicles have no melee weapons, so their Defense Dice are reduced by 1. And they can’t take advantage of smoke screens, ECM protection or cover. They have to play with only one Defense die
  • Sail re-rolled their defenses, but the roll dropped to 1, which increased to 7 – midnight. I was lucky.  
  • The crippled Striking Copper saved its action behind a building.  (comms and ECCM have made ReconHun very interesting!)

Sail R2-A2

  • To avoid Wipe, LHT fled over the lake and shot Copperhead in the back but didn’t hit.  
  • The Hovercar CGL moves forward a bit and hacks the Striking Copper hiding behind a building, successfully hacking it twice for 1 damage and finishing it off.

Kayuna R2-A3

  • Recon team destroys a walking bike in front of them with a Brace with LIW, but it dies in retaliation.
  • Fresh Meats is now conscripted because he lost his commander.  
  • I tried to hit the bike behind the container with Bunker’s HMG and LIW, but he was too evasive and I could only deal 1 damage.  
  • LFG chose Brace. He attacked a BF2-19 that was holding and dealt 1 damage.

Sail R2-A4

  • The actionless Hovercar Co retreated significantly.  
  • LHT also retreated and attacked the Copperhead hidden in the woods from behind with a focused MPA. Copperhead was overkilled.  
  • BF2-19 defends his hold and uses Brace+Focus to attack Copper who is struggling with FLAIL with his MLC, dealing 4 damage with MOS2. Lasers are useful in these situations.

Kayuna R2-A5

  • Naga advances at top speed with LTHI. 1 action saves for FO and ends. (A bit of a sneaky tip: the model’s top speed ends when it is activated, but LTHI’s Stable remains active until the CG is activated. This allows 3D6 to be redirected without being affected by the top speed.)    
  • Silverscale 1 FOs LHT hidden in water tank; 2 Nagas destroy LFG fire mission. The wipe is accomplished and kayun gets 1 VP. That’s it.  
  • Naga CO elaborates on 1 action, so it moves forward at top speed to attack HC while holding LFG, but is evaded.  
  • Silverscales advance at top speed and successfully ECM hack into HC3. I did 1 damage on Haywire, but should have done it before Naga. I got the order wrong.    

Sail R2-A6

  • GREL in the trenches using LTHI orders to advance and attack the struggling Copperhead from behind. Copper is overkill with low stakes; MIGL is strong enough. The hoverbike behind the container advances 24″ at top speed. Attack the field gun in the forest. The field gun has a defense of 6, so it takes 3 damage and survives.   
  • FLAIL forward. I tried to finish off the field gun, but it avoided me.

Kayuna R2-A7

  • I attacked Grail in front of HMG in the bunker, but it was evaded.  
  • The infantry didn’t have enough mobility to stop the jetbike. I had no choice but to do a coordinated attack on Grail and attack with a braced LIW. 3 attacks were avoided and only 2 damage was done.  
  • Even though I had 3D attack (Re-roll) and 2d defense, I was losing to Sail. There was nothing I could do.  
  • 2R ends, and Sail gets 1 VP of Break the Line

Round 3

From this point on, the number of models is decreasing and the game is getting faster.

Kayuna R3-A1

  • There was only one Hun and one Recon, but I prioritized this one.  
  • Coordinated attack to GREL who was hiding behind the truck.
  • Hovercar Co’s Jamm failed and the order was fulfilled. This GREL had taken 2 damage, so I made sure to hit it with my LLC and HRF to eliminate it.

Sail R3-A2

  • FLAIL advances using LTHI orders and takes out one conscripted AT infantry team in bunker 2.  
  • After that the hoverbikes went into the woods and eliminated the other AT team left in the bunker. They shot back, but failed to do any damage.
  • The recruits in the fortress were eliminated by the CEF’s reinforced soldiers.

Kayuna R3-A3

  • Naga’s CO put a coordination order on FLAIL for an unattended Bunker in the woods. The field gun used a point attack indirection, but FLAIL evaded it with a best 7.
  • 1D6 is not enough to reach 7 even with a reroll.  
  • The bunker’s HMG managed to hit and did 2 damage to FLAIL.

Sail R3-A4

  • This group was already down to only CGL’s hovercar.
  • The hovercar put an LTHI order on himself and proceeded into the forest to snipe the silverscales guarding the Naga. I had a bad feeling about this, so Silver declared an Evade action beforehand and gained an Evade token.  
  • The first die roll was 6 for both of us in a game of attack 3D+2 and defense 4D. They both spend resources to reroll.  
  • As a result, the attack hit with MOS 1 with defense 8 against attack 9, but the silverscales only took 2 damage. The decision to take the Evade action seems to have worked. Sounds like a good example of a rules sample.

Kayuna R3-A5

  • Bunker on the road declares a coordinated attack on FLAIL.  
  • Bunker’s HMG was evaded by FLAIL with a result of 8. FLAIL’s armor was so hard that LIW could not penetrate the attack. 2 AT teams decided to choose Brace and make 2 MAVM attacks. Since the FLAIL had already used CP, the coordinated attack reroll was very useful.  
  • CGL’s Recon team launched a LIW at a hoverbike deep in the forest, but the attack never hit.

Sail R3-A6

  • While trying to figure out where to start, Sail had measured the sensor range of the HC-3CO, so we had to start with the HC-3.  
  • Tips: If you’re wondering what you want to do with activation, think in terms of sensor range measurements for passive models (i.e. half the range). That way you would have sensor information available for all models on the battlefield.   
  • HC-3CO ECM hacks a damaged silverscale on a hill. This decision is successful and becomes a Haiwaire; BF2-19 moves up to the woods and uses Focus MLC to finish off this Silverscale.  
  • I considered firewalling the Silver Permeable’s hacking at this point, but decided against that idea since it was targeting an actioned model that was taking damage.  
  • The intervening model works like a medium terrain. The Naga was large and completely hiding the silverscales, so the BF2-19 making the Direct attack had to move large enough to see the Naga’s back. This attack destroyed the Silverscales, which had been damaged by the bare hands.  
  • LHT 67 on the hill used Focus MPA to attack HUN through the forest; HUN took 3 damage. The LHT then moved to the back of the forest to assist the capture in the final round.

Kayuna R3-A7

  • The reason I put them last was to keep the BF group in check and to be wary of the captures. As it turned out, it seemed to work in the right direction.  
  • Based on the reflection of yesterday’s battle, I activate the Silver Scales first. He took a large step forward at top speed and set up an ECM hack on the remaining hovercar in the forest. I was at a disadvantage on the dice, but luck was on my side, and I succeeded in shutting down the hovercar’s ECM+.  
  • The Naga also made a big advance at top speed, taking advantage of LFG’s point-in-direct attack; when using BlastAmmo, it can ignore forest areas and attack the hovercar. This makes it a 1D6 game for both of us. The difference between DM and ARM is significant. The difference between DM and ARM is significant. This IDF did not hit the LHT-67.  
  • I had a very hard time deciding what to do with the Naga’s other action, and decided to attack BF2-19 with point-in-direct. I would work with the subsequent Naga CO to destroy it.  
  • This point attack hit, but the BF used SP to reroll its defenses, completely evading the child’s hit.  
  • The last remaining Naga Co also made a large advance down the hill to secure the capture marker. The LFG can use BlastAmmo, so they can’t use cover. They were able to win the game with 1D attack and 2D defense. In the cleanup phase, Sail secured his second break VP on the hoverbike. However, he lost a large unit and has a tough fight ahead of him.

Round 4

In the fourth round of the initiative, Sail rolled a 6 and kayuna rolled a 4. kayuna thought that she would have to roll a 6 or 7 to beat him, but today kayuna was very good. Because of this, kayuna chose to reroll as it was an important phase. And a 7 came up! This allowed kayuna to take all the initiative.

Kayuna R4-A1

  • Naga CO activates a charge order. The Naga has the option to kick down the opponent with its legs.  
  • The Naga in front of him approached the HC-3 Co at top speed and kicked it away. the first attack was dodged, but the second attack crippled the hovercar. Vehicle’s weakness was fighting. No matter how hard he tried to defend himself, he had no melee weapons, so -1D, cover and ECM defense meant nothing. He had enough mobility, but it was too narrow to be on the battlefield, so a single MOS1 attack was enough, though he couldn’t kick the hovercar from behind.  
  • The Naga CO also moved forward and kicked the remaining H0/S1 BF2-19 from behind, destroying it. (He dodged the first one, but took his chances with the second one.)  
  • Finally, Silversail haywired the HT-67; the LHT has great maneuverability, but just hawiering it makes the JJ unusable and prevents top speed. Now the sail can’t do much of anything involving capture and hold!

Sail R4-A2

  • There were only hover bikes left, but the bikes in the forest destroyed the field guns in the forest and returned to capture.  
  • The hover0bikes also had a weakness. They lost a lot of mobility in the forest. Because of this, the bikes did not have enough mobility to move back to their tail positions for capture.  
  • After confirming that they had moved just in case and still could not reach the control range, Sail resigned.    

If the game had continued to the end, Sail would have been VP2 Kayuna would have been VP3-4.  

I played the game in as close to the production version as I could find, and it was a very interesting battle. The infantry, vehicle actions, and weapon tables are very well balanced and give the player a variety of options. The use of orders, hacks, jams, and Fo’s can change the dynamic of the battlefield in a way that only Heavy Gear can.  

I feel that many people will enjoy the tactics of Si-Fi robot battles in the 6000s AD.  (Also, I’m very happy that I was able to defeat Sail, and the fact that the melee bonus modifier was relaxed had a big impact on this battle. I think this change makes the game much more interesting to play.