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Heavy Gear Kickstarter Plastic Update

So, it’s no secret that making good miniatures is a difficult thing. Dream Pod 9, the makers of Heavy Gear Blitz, released a 2014 Kickstarter to make the CEF, Caprice, South, and North factions in plastic.

As with any company moving from resin and metal miniatures to plastics, there were some growing pains. The initial Kickstarter plastic had some quality issues, so when the opportunity came up to compare the 2014 Kickstarter plastics to the current generation plastics in 2021, Adam and I jumped at the opportunity.

Black sprues are old 2014 plastics, and Grey are new 2021 plastics. The key difference is a move from PVC to Polystyrene (and of course the color change). Note that the moulds haven’t changed, just the plastic composition. Any issues with injection port placement and the like will remain.

We talk through the details more on Late Night Wargames here:

In summary though, the new plastics respond to a hobby knife much more cleanly than the old ones, and they actually work with plastic glue (although it depends heavily which glue and how old it is).

I think it’s safe to say that the new plastics are unequivocally better than the old ones, the quality control has improved overall, and if you were on the fence before because of the plastic quality, you may safely get off the fence and buy some models!

If you want have a look for yourself, here’s the raw shots of the sprues we had unbuilt/available and the new ones. Just click on the image to enhance!




Built Models


Built Models

Pro Tip

Use the resin legs with the extra leg armor to hide the resin miscasts!